Why you should use software that is licensed

When handling original products, we take great care. When purchasing clothing or footwear, we check a dozen times to make sure it is not a replica from China or Turkey. We have to choose goods from reputable manufacturers since we know that they come with quality assurances. In addition, a lot of us casually utilize illegal software on our computers. But compared to fake jeans, “pirated” programs pose much bigger risks. Your bank accounts’ payment information, personal information, and identity theft are all at risk. Additionally, the work produced by unauthorized programs is of subpar quality. So, we advise that you become familiar with the benefits of licensed software.

What is a licence for software

The ability to use and distribute software goods is legally established by a software licence. This means that as a user, you are lawfully utilizing authentic, protected software and cannot be held accountable for it because it is covered by intellectual property rights. 

Using unauthorized software poses risks

The use of unlicensed software carries legal risks in addition to the risk of improper program execution and the theft of personal information. Copyright violations are punishable administratively and even criminally. The applicable laws for the production, sale, storage, and use of illegally obtained software stipulate not only financial penalties but also jail time.

The following dangers come with using pirated software:

  • The potential for computer virus infection; some of them may even be “bundled” with illegal software. 
  • The potential for unauthorized access to your computer by a third party, the installation of remote controls or tracking devices, information leakage, and improper software execution. Such a product failed the required tests. 
  • Lack of technical support from the software product’s creator can result from even one pirated program, which can lead to the PC as a whole becoming unstable.

Benefits of using legally purchased software

Contrarily, using licensed software comes with a long number of benefits. Principally, these are: operational assistance is available from the developer business. This is true for issues with the application’s functionality and frequent updates, as well as issues with the way the software runs. The goods that developers create are continually being improved. Every month, brand-new features are released that considerably increase the user’s capabilities.

When you use licensed items, you automatically get their updated, dependable protection. The software code won’t contain any hazardous viruses that could “bleach” your personal information and provide hackers access to user accounts, reducing equipment functioning. A laptop or desktop computer’s overall productivity rises as a result of all components functioning as intended.

Avoid handling the computer yourself

Even though you paid for a legal program, you could not have received all the legal rights associated with it owing to technical inaccuracies as a result of a mistake in the installation of licensed software. The process of installing the software appears straightforward at first, but it actually entails a great deal of technical details.

Therefore, hiring professionals is simpler, more affordable, and safer.


What advantages come with utilizing legally purchased software?

The 3 Ps of licensing, which stand for portability, piracy, and profitability, are some benefits of software licensing. The portability and flexibility of software licensing give your consumers the freedom to use your product whenever and wherever they like. Piracy, or the avoidance of piracy, is another benefit.

Why do we frequently favour utilizing licensed software rather than purchasing it?

The main benefit of licensed software is ongoing assistance, which might be crucial for users who lack a lot of technical knowledge. User guides and points of contact for immediate assistance from professionals who are well-versed in the product or service are examples of this support.

What occurs if software is used without a licence?

Computer-infecting malware such as viruses can be carried by unlicensed software.

Does open source software still place any importance on licensing?

The software component cannot be used by others without an open source licence. Each open source licence outlines the obligations of users, what they may and cannot do in accordance with the terms and conditions, and what they are allowed to do with the software components.

What dangers come with using software that has the wrong licence?

The effects of software theft are:

  • Increased likelihood of software failure or malfunction.
  • Access to program support services like training, updates, customer service, and bug patches was forfeited.
  • There is no warranty and no way to upgrade the software.
  • Increased chance of getting malware, viruses, or adware on your computer.