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Published on 2 weeks ago

Get ready for the ultimate paper cut. Subscribe if you like tacos.

Nur Syakirah

Nur Syakirah . 31 minutes ago

5:03 OHHH I GET IT ''well of course you Arrr'' that's the joke!

Ispy Jack

Ispy Jack . 3 hours ago

You guys are so funny

Cheesy Danish

Cheesy Danish . 3 hours ago

Why is it Mr.beast always wins Rock Paper Scissors Like come on man first round a picked paper and you picked rock Second I picked paper and you picked scissors Third we both picked scissors Therefore it should be a tie

Keanan Montgomery

Keanan Montgomery . 5 hours ago

sub to pewdiwpie

Angel Almanza

Angel Almanza . 6 hours ago

I wonder what will happens when I put it in my hand to it

XeZeZono Vids

XeZeZono Vids . 13 hours ago

At the Rock Paper Scissors thing,Mr.Beast was actually right.Lol

Mikayla Cooper

Mikayla Cooper . 15 hours ago

Is the man boing the coke at 11:27

Jeffrey Broaddus

Jeffrey Broaddus . 17 hours ago

i like beans

Roxy Metcalf3

Roxy Metcalf3 . 18 hours ago

You should ask your brother Mr Beast to give you a shout out

Just Mollie

Just Mollie . 19 hours ago

I won

Никита Федоренко

Никита Федоренко . 21 hours ago

A reaction????

Trang Tran

Trang Tran . 22 hours ago



Finesstic . 23 hours ago

I lost to Rock Paper Scissors

Illumi Nati

Illumi Nati . 1 day ago

The F-Zero music lol

khuzaima saleem

khuzaima saleem . 1 day ago


OM 2027Campus

OM 2027Campus . 1 day ago

Press read more You will have good luck for the rest of your life

The Wizzelking

The Wizzelking . 1 day ago

Lol im form belgium

Jayla Hankins

Jayla Hankins . 1 day ago

I won 2 to zero the first one I won the second one I won the third one we tied

Bo3 is LIFE

Bo3 is LIFE . 2 days ago

I’m just a bill ;)

WaterFire Dragon Gaming101

WaterFire Dragon Gaming101 . 2 days ago

It cuts rock

Jenno Bean

Jenno Bean . 2 days ago

“Now it’s in there” That’s what she said

Athena C

Athena C . 2 days ago

Woah at the end I did rock rock paper and there response was accurate 😂😂

Charlie Hinks

Charlie Hinks . 2 days ago

Omg it got to the you know what the problem is with the pillow and at that moment it went to advert so it sounded like "you know what the problem is, you got mud on yo ur face* 😂😂😂

Maddi Schrumpf

Maddi Schrumpf . 2 days ago

Did any one else the the hormone monster from big mouth?!?

Michal Zelinka

Michal Zelinka . 2 days ago

wow that video changed my life thanks much!!!

Chim Chim Everything!!

Chim Chim Everything!! . 2 days ago

7:19 frozen grapes are delicious!!

PIXELGamerz Xvlogs

PIXELGamerz Xvlogs . 2 days ago

Is this mr beast?

Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman . 2 days ago

This is his brother channel..

EJ Vazquez

EJ Vazquez . 2 days ago

Is this actually mr beast


SBSF JS . 2 days ago

how the hell am i supposed to have a liquid nitrogen at hand when I havent even got a fucking can-opener!

BoskoGamer2000 0

BoskoGamer2000 0 . 2 days ago

Channel name shall br MrBeast's Experiements.

shougkn demon

shougkn demon . 2 days ago

i lost to all of the rock paper scissors rounds i suck at rock paper scissors any way

Audrey Lynch

Audrey Lynch . 2 days ago

Does ripping a paper count

Presley Rosales

Presley Rosales . 2 days ago

Frozen grapes are sooo good by da whay!


mαríαh . 3 days ago

your finger lmao

sports lover

sports lover . 3 days ago

1:06 look at the bottom right corner


Arizona . 3 days ago


Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive . 3 days ago

I like tacos


Kawaii . 3 days ago

I can cut myself


profDerpyGirl . 3 days ago

Bro living a normal life is easy, making up life hacks that make life difficult while probably freezing yourself to death with liquid nitrogen is UNNECESSARY

Tarron Willis

Tarron Willis . 3 days ago

Tgis nigga eatin beans

Dank Meme

Dank Meme . 3 days ago

In prison i dated mr.beast

Caitlyn Zapla

Caitlyn Zapla . 3 days ago

Wait there’s 2 mr beasts?


IDK SAy WHAT!? . 3 days ago

Try it on ur self :) it’s another thing it can cut 😭

Maricela Hernandez

Maricela Hernandez . 3 days ago

Lol I got all three right u cheated

Ciara Hamlin's art

Ciara Hamlin's art . 3 days ago

MB:"Lemon juice" Me: that's and orange


yohl . 3 days ago

mabye my dad can use this to escape jail

xavier FUSE 123456

xavier FUSE 123456 . 3 days ago

mama mo

Anthony Rainey

Anthony Rainey . 3 days ago

Can you cut a battery with paper

Anthony Rainey

Anthony Rainey . 3 days ago

Can you cut a battery with paper

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